"Well done is better than well said."

-Benjamin Franklin

Could your company benefit from an unfair advantage? We thought so. Take a look at how TSC can make things happen for you.


Solution Services

When you require a truly innovative strategy, you need truly innovative consultants. That’s where we come in. TSC’s Solution Services are a step beyond problem-solving. We’re different because we think problem-solving is just the start of what a consultant should do. Trust TSC to transform your former problems into solutions.

Public Affairs Strategies

As strategists, we speak the language of persuasion. We know when subtlety is in order, and we know when the proverbial gloves must be removed. While such finely-tuned communications are critical, they're meaningless without the right audience. Rely on TSC to not only be fluent in the language of persuasion, but to create situations for the right words to be heard by the right people.

Crisis Management

Midnight panic. Afternoon headaches. Blue Mondays. Say goodbye to those. When we say relax, we mean that with TSC by your side, your crisis will be completely under control. In fact, one could argue that a crisis under control is no longer a crisis. We – and our happy, relaxed clients – would have to agree.

Image Campaigns

Sometimes your image needs more than a nip and tuck. When you’re ready for an extreme makeover, you’re ready for an TSC image campaign. We’ll position your company in the most flattering light, creating a favorable image with the public and elected officials. We think you’ll be surprised at the doors that open as a result of your makeover. You’ll find that an image campaign, as with other TSC services, is ultimately about creating results.

Issues Advocacy

Sometimes, the difference between achieving your goals and falling short comes down to support. As your issues advocate, TSC works to ensure that your company receives the support it needs. Your issues, your projects, your goals will become our priority. And when we make something a priority, things happen. It’s more than counting heads…it’s putting together the right practices.

Public Relations Strategies

While it’s been said that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, good publicity is infinitely better. An TSC public relations strategies is an orchestrated plan to create a positive perception with the public. Some might call that “spin”, but we think that’s too narrow a term for something so pivotal.